10 Tips for Firework Safety

Firework displays can be a beautiful, fun and magical experience. However, when not handled by professionals in a controlled setting, fireworks can also be extremely dangerous if the right precautions are not taken. However, when handled properly, consumer fireworks can equal fun for the whole family. So on the next summer night when you plan to put on a show, follow these important safety tips:

1. Never use fireworks indoors. Select an open, outdoor location away from any overhead impediments, vehicles, buildings and flammable items such as dry grass or brush.

2. Follow all state and local laws regarding consumer firework displays. Not sure what the rules are in your area? The American Pyrotechnics Association has a state-by-state list.

3. Keep clear of fireworks. Never put your head or any part of your body over the top of a firework product and do not hold lighted fireworks in your hand.

4. Put adults in charge of the fireworks; never let young children or teenagers handle items of an explosive nature.

5. Never drink alcohol while handling fireworks. Remember, just like operating a vehicle, an at-home firework display requires concentration and fine motor skills!

6. Always wear safety glasses as a precaution.

7. Keep a tub of water or working hose at the ready in case a firework malfunctions or sets something aflame.

8. Never try to relight a “dud” firework that did not fully flare.

9. Do not carry fireworks in your pockets or light off a firework in any type of container, whether it’s metal or glass.

10. Before disposing of used fireworks, wet them down to prevent fire. It is also best to dispose of these items in a metal bin, away from flammable items for 24 hours.

For more tips, visit our consumer fireworks safety tips page. And remember, you can never be too careful with fireworks when it comes to your family, friends and home.

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