4 Tips for Creating Your Own Fireworks Show

Everyone loves a good professional fireworks show, but sometimes it’s fun to create those ohhh’s and ahhh’s right at home. The anticipation and the wide eyes of family and friends can take a regular spring, summer of fall evening from boring to spectacular. However, proper planning and safety is very important when planning your own fireworks show is extremely important.

Here are four tips for making fireworks magic right from your backyard:

  1. Select the right products and plan your set-off scheme.

Depending on how extravagant or simple you want your DIY show, there are a number of firework products that will do the job. Aerial cakes and tubes, firecrackers, fountains, and roman candles are just some of the items that will make your display spectacular. We even offer party packs for those looking to make the selection process simpler.

  1. Think about timing.

Remember, don’t go out of the gate too fast with your fireworks. If you light off everything you have at once, your show will be short and unmemorable. Slow and steady wins the race at the onset and then for the finale, all bets are off!

  1. Consider the duration of the show.

While a professional fireworks show can last anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour or more, an at-home display is quite different. Shoot for one minute of fun. While that might sound like an extremely short amount of time, you’ll be surprised at how many fireworks is actually takes to pull it off safely and beautifully.

  1. Always remember, safety first.

Let’s face the truth – you’re not a professional so it’s vital to practice safety first when it comes to fireworks. Following state and local laws is a must. You also want to wear safety glasses, never drink alcohol while working with fireworks, and keep a tub of water or a working hose nearby. Read up on more safety tips from one of our previous blog posts, 10 Tips for Firework Safety.

Looking for products to start planning your amazing fireworks show? Check out our online fireworks offerings.

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