About Us

Since 1950 the Atlas fireworks brand has been part of nearly every major pyrotechnic event in the Northeast including 4th of July displays, New Years Eve, Major Sporting Events, Homecomings, Corporate and Private displays. During this time Atlas has successfully participated in many US national and international competitions. Among the latest achievements Atlas was awarded the “Gold Jupiter” as the 2012 Champions for the 28th Edition of the Montreal International Fireworks Competition.  This competition is regarded internationally as the most prestigious in the world due to the high caliber of countries and companies represented.

Atlas PyroVision prides itself in their vision for innovation and creativity.  Since the mid 1980’s, Atlas has been an industry leader in advancing technology with computerized firing systems, portable and modular mortar firing systems and wireless technology.  These advancements have not only made the industry safer, but have also provided customers with savings over traditional firing methods. Most recently, Atlas has been utilizing computer 4D animation to assist with the complex programming involved with pyro-musical displays. This animation software allows the design team to visually evaluate the type of shells required in any given sequence along with colors, layering, altitude and angles to achieve the greatest overall design for their clients.

The Atlas corporate offices are in Jaffrey, New Hampshire and perform over 800 displays annually with 24 full time employees and over 700 professional display technicians.  As the oldest and largest display company in New England, Atlas also has sales offices in North Branford and Hartford, CT as well as Scarborough, ME. As you plan your next event, please consider Atlas PyroVison Entertainment Group for your next event pyrotechnic entertainment.

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