About Atlas PyroVision Entertainment Group

Atlas PyroVision Entertainment Group is the largest professional fireworks display company in New England specializing in state of the art computer designed and electronically fired displays for cities, towns, parks and recs, professional and college sporting events, amusement and water parks, weddings, civic, corporate and private celebrations.


Who We Are

Since 1949 the Atlas fireworks brand has been part of nearly every major pyrotechnic event in the Northeast including 4th of July displays, New Years Eve, Major Sporting Events, Homecomings, Corporate and Private displays. During this time Atlas has successfully participated in many US national and international competitions. Among the latest achievements Atlas was awarded the “Gold Jupiter” as the 2012 Champions for the 28thEdition of the Montreal International Fireworks Competition.  This competition is regarded internationally as the most prestigious in the world due to the high caliber of countries and companies represented.


Always on the leading edge, Atlas is a company that has pioneered the use of electronic, computer and wireless firing systems to provide the highest degree of safety and performance. With the modern use of computer software, Atlas utilizes Visual Show Director to create a 4D animation which is a highly technical and artistic approach to display design and presentation. This technology allows the designer to better understand their creation to provide the client with the best possible display. In addition to computer technology, Atlas has designed and developed a sophisticated assembly of portable firing trailers, modular mortar assemblies (Pyro Podz) and fully modular boat launched barges for rivers, lakes and inter-coastal waterways. In addition, portable firing trailers and Podz allow displays to be fired from sensitive areas in parks, athletic fields and golf courses while maintaining a high degree of safety. All of this and more allow Atlas to set the standard for pyrotechnic innovation and performance.

Indoor Pyro

Atlas Pyro Indoor Pyro At UconnOver 600 years ago wealthy landowners entertained their guests by adding pyrotechnics to their parties. These displays were integrated with the actors and dancers hired to perform for the guests. These amazing displays were the beginnings of modern day fireworks.

Today indoor pyrotechnics are an essential part of many sporting events, concerts and performances. Atlas PyroVision Entertainment Group has produced hundreds of indoor and stadium performances throughout the country. As an industry leader in choreography and computer firing, Atlas is equipped to produce virtually any pyrotechnic performance imaginable. Whether it is a sensitive venue such as a professional hockey game where smoke and debris is not an option or a proximate display added for an outdoor pyrotechnic performance, Atlas can handle all of your indoor and proximate audience pyrotechnic needs.

Outdoor Pyro

Atlas has been captivating audiences with unparalleled displays for over 60 years. Throughout this time Atlas has performed in many competitions and major events throughout North America and abroad. In 2012, Atlas was awarded the Gold Jupiter for best pyromusical display during the 28th Edition of the Montreal International Fireworks Competition. The Montreal competition is recognized internationally as the most prestigious of all for their quality and caliber of countries represented.

Each and every Atlas display is designed by an experienced pyrotechnic artist that combines both creative and scientific methods to create a truly magical experience for their client. This commitment to excellence has earned Atlas a reputation of providing the finest displays in the industry. With a full time staff of 24 employees and over 800 trained pyrotechnicians,driversand laborers, Atlas performs hundreds of displays annually.

The Atlas quest for quality material, the finest shells and newest techniques, takes them on a global search for the best suppliers and manufacturers throughout the United States and the world. This commitment and dedication to their profession has proven why Atlas is the leader in pyrotechnics and pyrotechnic design.

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