As the Clock Strikes 12


As 2016 comes to an end, we’re excited for all that 2017 has in store. However, before we usher in the events, goals and big plans for the New Year, have tunnel vision to the displays on the calendar for New Year’s Eve. We’re already working hard on setup and making this night a spectacular […]


Looking Back With a Bang


When it comes to grand finales, we don’t mean to brag, but we’re kind of the experts. If you don’t believe us, just ask Southern New England Weddings Magazine who recently asked our opinion for one of its stories, The Ending is Just the Beginning. So you see, whether it’s a wedding day celebration, a […]


Some of the Science Behind the Bang

Photo credit: Jason Stockwell

Who doesn’t love a little science? When it comes to fireworks, it’s all about preparation, wiring, chemical reactions, and other special scientific tricks that make those beauties fly and burn bright. Here are some technical facts about the magic of fireworks. How are they made? Multi-break shells consist of more than one chamber, separated by […]


Spooky In The Sky


Halloween is almost upon on us! So what better way to get spooked than some fiery moments in the sky? For maximum fun, we have some amazing suggestions. However, before we dive into our favorite fireworks for this fun holiday, it’s time for a little history lesson. What is the meaning of Halloween anyway? Well, […]


4 Tips for Creating Your Own Fireworks Show

DIY fireworks show

Everyone loves a good professional fireworks show, but sometimes it’s fun to create those ohhh’s and ahhh’s right at home. The anticipation and the wide eyes of family and friends can take a regular spring, summer of fall evening from boring to spectacular. However, proper planning and safety is very important when planning your own […]


There’s An App for That


There’s an app for everything these day and here at Atlas PyroVision, firework shows are no exception. We launched our app this past season and feel like we want to keep shouting it from the rooftops so all our family, friends and customers know! So what exactly does our app do? During any of our […]


10 Fun Facts about Fireworks

Atlas-Pyro-Vision-PIPC-2014-Display-60 copy

Fireworks are eye-catching, gorgeous, loud, beautiful, and let’s face it – a bit mysterious. Here are some cool facts you might not know about fireworks. 10 Fun Facts about Fireworks: The skill of creating and setting off fireworks is called pyrotechnics. It’s from the Greek word pyro, “fire,” and techne, “art.” According to Wikipedia, the […]


It’s a Wrap! The 2016 Jaffrey Festival of Fireworks Recap


What an amazing evening! Thank you to all our patrons who shared the memorable experience with us. The 2016 Jaffrey Festival of Fireworks couldn’t have been a more beautiful sight. While we could use words to try to describe the magic of the evening, we thought it would be more fitting to let the pictures […]


Preparing for a Fireworks Show

winterclassic-roof (1)

As you sit ohhhh-ing and ahhhh-ing at a fireworks show, have you ever wondered how much work and preparation goes on behind the scenes? We’ve been in the pyrotechnics biz for close to 60 years now and the process never gets old. From 4th of July and New Year’s Eve displays, to major sporting events, […]


6 Types of Fireworks that Create Eye-Catching Displays


Watching a fireworks show is almost a rite of passage as the summer gets underway. Seeing all the amazing shades and shapes light up in the night sky is easily one of the best ways to pass the time on a June, July or August night. What most of the audience doesn’t know, however, is […]


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