Outdoor Pyro

Atlas has been captivating audiences with unparalleled displays for over 60 years. Throughout this time Atlas has performed in many competitions and major events throughout North America and abroad. In 2012, Atlas was awarded the Gold Jupiter for best pyromusical display during the 28th Edition of the Montreal International Fireworks Competition. The Montreal competition is recognized internationally as the most prestigious of all for their quality and caliber of countries represented.

Each and every Atlas display is designed by an experienced pyrotechnic artist that combines both creative and scientific methods to create a truly magical experience for their client. This commitment to excellence has earned Atlas a reputation of providing the finest displays in the industry. With a full time staff of 24 employees and over 800 trained pyrotechnicians, drivers and laborers, Atlas
performs hundreds of displays annually.

The Atlas quest for quality material, the finest shells and newest techniques, takes them on a global search for the best suppliers and manufacturers throughout the United States and the world. This commitment and dedication to their profession has proven why Atlas is the leader in pyrotechnics and pyrotechnic design.



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