Preparing for a Fireworks Show

As you sit ohhhh-ing and ahhhh-ing at a fireworks show, have you ever wondered how much work and preparation goes on behind the scenes? We’ve been in the pyrotechnics biz for close to 60 years now and the process never gets old. From 4th of July and New Year’s Eve displays, to major sporting events, homecomings, and corporate and private displays, we have lit up the night sky at more than our fair share of events. While the setup and work is never easy, it’s always a blast – figuratively and literally.

So here’s what we’re so busy doing behind the curtain:

Meet with the Customer

Understanding what our customer wants is the most important part of show. Before any planning takes place, we sit and listen with open ears and minds. A great brainstorming session is the key to ensure the show goes off without a hitch.

It’s All About the Technology

Different from shows of the past, we now use electronic, computer and wireless firing systems. This is to ensure a high degree of safety and deliver the best performance. We start by creating a 4D animation using Visual Show Director, which is a highly technical and artistic approach to display design and presentation. Each show is customized and we have the ability to create some mind-blowing sequences, colors and sounds!

On the Ground and In the Sky

Next, on the day of the event, we setup our assembly of portable firing trailers, modular mortar assemblies (Pyro Podz) and/or fully modular, boat-launched barges if the show takes place on a river, lake or inter-coastal waterway. Specifically, our portable firing trailers and Pyro Podz enable us to hold shows in a wide array of areas, including parks, athletic fields and golf courses.

Are you interested in what it takes to have a fireworks display at an upcoming event? Contact one of our experts to go over all the details by calling 603-532-8324.

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