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Awarded Gold for The 2012 Montreal International
Fireworks Competition!

Benson & Hedges International Competition
– Montreal, Canada

Independence Day Celebration
– Washington, DC

International Competition
– Decazeville, France

LeMondial SAQ International Competition
– Montreal, Canada

Sanfermin International Fireworks Competition
– Pamplona, Spain

Best in Show Design – International Competition
– Shanghai, China

2018 Grand Finale DaNang,
– Vietnam

Millennium Celebrations
– Boston, MA

Best of New Hampshire Fireworks

Fourth of July Celebration
– Boston, MA


COVID-19 vs The World

Is it really ‘Rocket Science?’ China has long been the secret ingredient to celebrating American independence, but something is very different in 2020, COVID-19; the Coronavirus is cutting into the supply chain of hundreds of industries, including fireworks, with more than 90 percent of them coming from China.

For decades, importing fireworks from China has been the lifeblood of the US fireworks market. Although there have been many US pyrotechnic entrepreneurs that have manufactured professional grade pyrotechnics, that was never the case for consumer fireworks for small family mom and pop shops across the country. China, with its once very simple order and receive process that takes 90 to 120 days, has now evolved into a perfect storm of calamities. In the last 10 years, fireworks from China has continually been disrupted with one complication after another. Beginning with shipping and port issues due to accidents not always born by fireworks, but many other factors including port congestion with the increasing demand for all sorts of China products. Now let’s throw another twist into the list of complications in China. Enter COVID-19, with its epicenter in Wuhan, China just one province away from the fireworks manufacturing capital of China – Hunan. The Coronavirus has now brought the entire fireworks industry to a virtual standstill, and that means less of those firecrackers, sparklers and ‘bombs bursting in air’ for this 4th of July.

“Most of us in the pyrotechnics business have long dealt with delays in China due to port congestion, factory recertifications and safety upgrades, reduced amounts of skilled factory workers, increasing shutdowns for holidays including three weeks for Chinese Lunar New Year, now front and center – the Coronavirus. With workers returning (if they can) most factories are only at 60-70 percent capacity. For those of us that have been carrying a higher than average inventory year to year – we should be ok for 2020. The looming fear is that for those small businesses that are heavily reliant on fireworks arriving in the Spring for the upcoming 4th of July – that will be a challenge,” said Stephen Pelkey, CEO of Atlas PyroVision Entertainment. “Even if all factories were up and running in the next week, the Coronavirus has impacted so many others that are critical in the shipping distribution network, including arriving ships fearing a mandatory quarantine if a single worker shows symptoms of the Coronavirus.”

For now, the reality is that the Coronavirus is not only wreaking havoc on China but is spreading throughout the world on fears of a “pandemic.” In the US, large and small public events are being cancelled, school closings and the list is growing daily until there are sure signs the virus is contained. Is that another week, month to month – nobody knows at this point.

“A city or town scheduling their July 4th events, or the average person looking to buy fireworks for their 4th of July party, you won’t see empty store shelves, but it may cost a little more,” said Pelkey. “There have been too many increasing factors that are causing these sudden increases – some are supply and demand issues as well as prior higher tariff costs and changes in distribution methods which ultimately bring higher costs.”

The short-term reality is that some of your favorite fireworks will be out of stock sooner. All we can do is communicate with our suppliers daily, remain positive and continue to keep our customers informed as new developments arise,” said Pelkey.

Pelkey stated that Atlas is fortunate that they are in pretty good shape for this 4th of July, but the challenge will be moving forward with orders already being placed for 2021.


Chaos, Kindness & Kaboom!

As a featured partner for the grand opening of the new Chaos & Kindnessstore in Laconia, NH, Atlas PyroVison Entertainment was honored to provide a powerful firework display for the Grand Finale event on September 21, 2019 in the heart of the great State of New Hampshire.  To cap off the incredible performance by Justin and Ryan of Recycled Percussion, Atlas PyroVison provided a thundering firework display ~ Choas-Kindness & KaBoom!


Atlas Participates At The Da Nang International Fireworks Competition

Atlas PyroVision is pleased to announce that they have been selected by the DaNang competition as a top two finalist who will return for a “shoot off” for the Grand Finale on June 30th as team USA competes vs team Italy. CEO and Artistic Director, Stephen Pelkey has announced the team of 6 pyrotechnicians who will coordinate the setup and present their display, Bridges of Friendship. Members of the Atlas PyroVision Team USA include: Barbara Pelkey, Katherine Potts, Joan Joseph, Todd Joseph, Neill Silva and Joel Robertson. Members of the Atlas team in the preliminary round were: Stephen Pelkey, Matthew Shea, Shawn Allison, Todd Joseph, Rick Farrell, Neil Silva and Joel Robertson. Atlas’ 21 minutes Grand Finale presentation will feature a medley of songs from Bruno Mars, Cast of Glee, Legend by Atlas and the iconic all female band, Bond.

Atlas was one of 8 teams (countries) competing for the Grand Prize during the 10th Anniversary of the DaNang International Fireworks Festival – DIFF2018 held since 2009 along the Han River in DaNang, Vietnam. The selection process includes winners of various international competitions held throughout the world. This year the level of competitors is high with powerful companies from Vietnam, Poland, France, Hong Kong, Sweden, Portugal, Italy and the USA. The competition required weekly displays with 2 countries presenting. After 8 weeks of displays, a group of judges selected the top two competitors to perform for the Grand Finale. On June 30th, team USA – Atlas PyroVision will compete against team Italy – Martarello Fireworks who was awarded Grand Champion in 2017. Watch Atlas PyroVision’s process and journey in their time representing the USA!

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